Eating life, looking for life from food movies

ouldn't stand the vicious boss,
chose to quit and went on a trip that said go away.
While traveling,
while doing food,
attracted many diners.
when the burden is off and the body and mind are free and happy,
the food becomes more delicious.
After that,
the relationship between the chef and his son was eased and new business was brought.
The chef or the chef,
he decided to be the boss,
and the menu was his own.
Night market hero this is a story about the Taipei night market.
After watching this movie,
you probably have a very deep experience,
that is,
the snacks in Taipei are really delicious.
It's drooling at the same time.
Through the delicious food,
the town's little story is very simple and real,
and it is a good movie with good food and warmth.
Happy bread tired of the Me