GGV's Shihao 8 points after most of Silicon Valley team work but not the same as China

4 News (reporter Fei Qianwen) reporter DoNews sitting in front of Tong Shihao,
1 meters high,
95 a hearty laugh,
and if anyone can talk.
In October 2013,
Tong Shihao joined the United States and China across GGV capital management partner (GGV),
in 2 years time,
he invested the little red book,
including cross-border electronic business platform China America cross-border electronic business platform Wish and enterprise collaboration platform Slack and other popular items.
But before Qiming,
7 years,
leading the investment where customers,
hi car rental companies,
millet is also one of the earliest investors.
In the past two years,
Chinese entrepreneurs have sought to sea,
followed by China's local investment institutions have also been concerned about overseas investment markets.