Is your child excellent? 99 of the parents did not expect it

a parent asked the question: my daughter was very good since childhood,
primary school,
high school blabla,
University blabla,
study abroad,
work units and work ability blabla.
Why can't I find my boyfriend? And now the temper is irritable,
I said I sometimes feel boring living,
scared me.
I said her now,
and when I tried to persuade her,
I followed my temper and followed me like an enemy.
What's the matter with her? Would you like to see it? I replied: after your introduction,
I want to say,
I just heard you tell your daughter's grades and how good,
I hear a good child,
do not allow us to conclude that your daughter is a good child,
right? The parents and listeners nodded.
Random online search,
on the way to listen to,
when it comes to good children,
just say tha